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The Yearly Miu-Event Hosted By Missme, Peace & Sea!


Hi our miuchiz names are peacesmile1999, MissmeLuvsPie, and deepblueocean123. We are sharing this site! This site is about the miuchiz awards that someone will do every year on miuchiz. This year, however, we're having the awards on Activeworlds since Miuchiz is closed. We are the hosts. The Mini A.W-ards this year are on Activeworlds, in the world Yellow, coords are 1201.91N 20.50W -0.03a 183. It is on Saturday, September 8th at 8 PM VRT. Hope to see you there!


Hope you enjoy this site!! ~Peace, Missme, and Sea~

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1. Treat others the way u want to be treated

2. Have fun

3. Don't say anything nasty or bad

Hope u have a great time chatting!! ~Peace, Bratz, and Sea~ ;D 

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